This week MalLabel Music is stoked to bring you some experimental and interstellar Dancehall as the Bay Area, California’s, Bayalien blast off with an otherworldly concoction of tracks created in the middle of a field of ganja and electronics.

This isn’t the first time Poppa Doses and Golden Eye have gotten together to test the limits of creativity and sound systems alike, but after the success of their duo EP, Yes, they’ve made their new project a little more official with the fresh brand of Bayalien. With the former’s grimy natured, Tribal Bass vibes and the latter’s tripped out timing and cadence across Dub, and Hip-Hop, one could expect to hear resounding booms and blaps of completely alien nature, and one wouldn’t be wrong. These two have surrounded themselves in gear and green to pump out that forward thinking bass on the business end of an ARP Odyssey, an MPC2500, and a host of plugins through Ableton powered entirely by the suns rays to bring you all the clean energy cosmic vibrations you can take.

Their newest EP, Blap Friday, starts off with some foreign resonance as the wobble rides it into a field of glitched out lasers, chirps, and machinery in the title track. Next up, ‘Spaceballs’ takes off with an array of interstellar communications chopped fresh over the Breaks before, ‘Flavor Crystals’ closes off the EP in an emotional ride through swirling atmospheres of ethereal pads and transcendental malfunctions. No exception to the rule here at MalLabel to bring you the strange, but this one starts the weekend right off world.

Artwork by Joshua Wallace
Mastering by Subvert