This week MalLabel Music has a fresh new face on the Dubstep tip bringing you some good clean filth as California’s Basiclee shows us how to take simple and clean UK Dub jams and push them even further into the underground.

Inspired by the legendary master, Bruce Lee, Basiclee takes an ultra precise and clean cut approach to Dubstep creating a fluid, yet hard hitting and dynamic journey through bass and time. Over the past year and a bit, he has been putting in the kind of work that ultimately carves a wandering soul into the path of their greatest desires, and it shows. With literally dozens of releases in that time, this is a man poised to set the bar as high as we expect from a producer looking to slice out a name for themselves among legends. As the UK Dub scene gets rekindled anew, West Coast Bass artists like this are there to stoke the coals and fan the flames of darkness with uniquely spell-crafted recipes of wobbles, cutting edge sound design, and depth.

His latest EP, Filth Dub is yet another couple of atmospheric heavy hitters to add to the list of slow and deliberate vibratory gems he likes to throw down. The title track rolls those deep basslines over a manipulated om chant and a tripped out flute. On the flip, ‘Mechanical Man’ takes a powerful message from the legend Bruce Lee himself to add some inspiration to wade through the darkness of the sweeping rhythms and shuffles in some more of that rollin’ grime. Get ready to get way low, and real slow.

Artwork by Skulltrane
Mastering by Chris Cox