MalLabel Music is stoked to bring back something extra special from one of the finest ladies in Rocky Mouintain Bass Music as British Columbia, Canada’s, Aversive turns the soul up to 100 in her new six pack of experimental Downtempo and Trip-Hop gems.

Aversive’s journey into music has been a long and educated one with a long history of classical, jazzy instrumentation complimenting the contemporary education in underground sounds she accessed through her brothers record store. Then, making music out of the box, no computer, with nothing but an MPC and a Korg since 16 years old before later taking 3 years of advanced music production, audio engineering, and theory. After that it was a diverse journey of the soul from Four-on-the-Floor to Glitch-Hop, Drum & Bass, and Trip-Hop all the while carving out her own unique sound across any vibe that inspires her.

Her newest EP, True Self, brings her sound to the forefront in a deliberate effort to sidestep genre and create her own vibe and let the energies of the studio dictate her direction. Letting nature be her guide as she moved away from the city, many of her organic roots have resurfaced and joined an ever more experimental approach to sound design to culminate in something with a truly compelling authenticity not often heard in this ever evolving space. It’s a pleasure indeed to witness such an album dedicated to an expression of the purest self, and cut a path far off the road most travelled. Sure to please.

Artwork by Sparkuhl
Mastering by Chris Cox