MalLabel Music is feeling good this week bringing you some bass fuelled positivity and all around feel good vibes as Los Angeles, California’s Ahee takes us on a inspirational ride through the mind with some sunshine bass for the summer time.

Born of a fascination of festival culture and all the wonders and changes it brings to the soul after experiences at Lightning in a Bottle and the like, Ahee has taken a keen interest in Bass Music since the beginning and soon thereafter playing those same festivals as part of The Lucent Dossier Experience. This side project however takes the bass higher and bigger to add a lot more bounce to the mix as he keeps those emotional vibes soaring with the intention of growing the hearts and minds of anyone that takes a minute or a day to jam out with him and appreciate what we all bring to the collective consciousness.

His newest EP, All A Dream, is a bass filled joyride for the heart and soul opening up with the affirmations of a beautiful world vocalized with the lyrical wizardry of Apaulo 8 on the title track backed up by some rollin’ basslines and sparkling arpeggios. Next, ‘Sunscreen’ breaks into a robotic summer Dub jam for the sizzling beaches and festival dance floors. Finally, ‘Grateful’ finishes off the trio with Apaulo 8 back for another inspired, lyrically driven, and heart warming Dubstep jam with strong, rollin’ Purple bass and atmosphere to get those exalted emotions to the top and get your party’s energy surging. The EP is a one stop shop to start and end your sets with collective magical energy. Bless up!

Artwork by Callie MacSaylor
Mastering by Ahee