MalLabel Music is popping the lid off mass deception this week as After Empire releases the theoretical ‘pOpsH!T’; a grimey note of dissent to a superficial culture.

California’s After Empire takes a critical lens to the pop culture that raises us, saturating our minds and spirits with one dimensional role models and the illusion of choice. Who to be? What to buy? A deluded cornucopia provides limited options, and the frustration the erupts when the consumption limits are breached becomes the the sounds of ‘pOPsH!T’.

‘pOPsH!T’ is chock full of bangers, period. Opening with cheeky halftime, After Empire moves into essential two-step, ambient sampling and emotive synths that round out into twisting, bubbling beats with a distinctive spin. Expect wompy horns, big room bass and an journey through darkness and light. Each track off ‘pOpsH!T’ stands alone in single ready quality, acknowledging the best in the genres history and still pushing ever forward. It’s not an ​exaggeration to call this album refined. After Empire is championing true musicality; ‘pOpsH!T’ is a hero’s journey. A story unfolding and a rarity to find.

For those in the know, and those about to be, ‘pOPsH!T’ is about as far from substandard culture as you can get. Savour, and let it carry you away.