This week MalLabel Music has a fresh pair of hyper unique tracks from two very different ends of a vibe created just for this release as Monterrey, Mexico’s, Abstracted throws a decadent array of rich sound design over some of those big 808 basslines.

Abstracted had been transforming tones into melodies since early childhood and the beauty of the piano, but it wasn’t until coming of age at 18 did he discover the world of electronic music. Mind blown by not only the ability to find new ways of creating the harmonies he so loved with a new and exciting template, but the ability to create whole new instruments in minutes from synthesizers and manipulating sounds nobody has ever heard before. Abstracted was born from this thirst to go deeper, beyond the normal restrictions of time, space, reality, and see what feelings lie therein.

His newest EP, Paradise / Abyss, speaks to the duality of thought, or the bipolarity of our very reality. As one force pushes, so too must another pull. The fundamental philosophy that we cannot truly understand the “positive” without the “negative”, and indeed both can be appreciated for their simple beauty. It of course follows that ‘Paradise’ would be considered the “happy” track as sweeping energies spiral upward in a menagerie of feel good melodies and Hybrid bass synths while ‘Abyss’ ominously flows into the darkness with a surreal, emotional, and deliberate PsyBass stomp. Both energies fuelled by emotion and both will move a dance floor to new heights and lower lows. Get these vibes in you!

Artwork by Tiger Fresh
Mastering by Chris Cox