This week MalLabel music is pumped to get your juices flowing with debut hotness from LA duo 2TIGHT. This bouncy club fresh anthem shows the crews loyalty to the culture, by giving a nod to the soundboy with a bass heavy dance floor banger.

With Annie Dolly hailing from Detroit, hip hop and lyricism has always been a love of hers. She found herself in Los Angeles perusing acting when suddenly in 2014 she dropped the auditions and picked up the mic. She them joined up with long time friend Lou E. Bagels to start rocking as a live emcee over his sets. Bagels a seasoned DJ and a known selector started seeking out booty shaking tunes that had space for Annie to drop her thought provoking rugged raps over. One Halloween night the duo caught the eye of the HBIC of MalLabel and made an agreement that night on the dancefloor to drop their first single on her label. So turn the speakers up and watch your subs FLEX because 2TIGHT has arrived.

Their newest EP, Flex, or Flex The Speakers, is a shout out to the soundboys and soundgirls of the world, and an ode to everything they do. In a world of big names and giant, intricate, and flashy stages the sound techs rarely get the recognition they deserve, but those performers who understand know that without your diligence the whole show would fall flat. Raise a glass to the techs that flex those speakers right with some feel good flavor infused with some bumpin’ party vibes carrying Annie’s cheeky-sly lyrical styles through the night. If we’re gonna be throwing our hands up all night by the bassbins, we best be kickin’ it one time for the people that make it pop.