MalLabel Music is proud to be welcoming back Texas’s premiere fusion innovators with a triumphant return as ‘The Land Of Echo’ stretches sound and conception barriers.

Glass Cannon’s release ‘First Expanse’ was a juggernaut on MalLabel this spring and the trio’s innovation and technical prowess has layered upon itself for an incredible journey through the possibilities of collaboration and experimentation.

‘The Land Of Echo’ is a delightful surprise: otherworldly eastern elements surge into hella inspirational hip-hop and twist round into antiquing carnival-esque soundscapes. Yep, it happens. It’s better than could ever be expected. Features by APOTH, Father Figure and Knight of Water lend each track such incredible diversity onto itself that the EP leaves the listener jaw dropped and drooling. With a subtle and enduring strength, Glass Cannon hypnotizes, galvanizes, and echos the human experience together with jazzy mastery.

Truly original, impossible to put in a corner and doggedly reinventive, ‘The Land of Echo’ is a profound release from musical shapeshifters. You have definitely not heard the last of Glass Cannon.

Artwok by Jeegan