This week MalLabel Music is stoked to bring you some of the classiest in squish for the bass kids as New York’s, Father Figure shows us what it means to take your problems and constructively turn them into a positive force.

As any good mentor and role model would, Father Figure takes quite seriously the effects of the worlds problems on his family, friends, and surroundings. So when the 2016 election hit him, and let’s face it, the world, pretty hard, he went through a number of phases of grief ultimately homing in on his musical outlet to express what he needed to share. It began with two politically charged rap verses that ultimately morphed into an expression through sound alone in what would become the title track in an EP born of frustration, and leading ultimately to catharsis and a message to the world that states “You are not alone.”

His newest EP, Disorientation, opens with a hallucinatory state in an unknown world as a representation of the world’s present times in ‘Snake Charmer’ before the title track follows with a tumultuous and frienzied observation of the overwhelming frustrations many face every day when confronted with the disturbing reality we are living in. This brings us to ‘TRIGGERED’, a self explanitory descrinption of a feeling you may be experiencing right now reflecting on this current existance. Finally, ‘A Little Louder for the People in the Back’ challenges you to see that through all the adversity, we are, as a culture, because of these challenges, moving ever closer to building a brighter future we can all experience together.

Artwork by Skulltrane
Mastering by Chis Cox